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Date Wednesday, June 10, 1885

[from the Baltimore correspondent] Clever Chris Von der Ahe is pardonably proud of his boys, and the boys seem to be very fond of him. He is very careful to cater to their comfort, while requiring strict discipline, and is upon easy, friendly terms with all the players, and invites their confidence by entering with spirit into their pleasures and sympathizing with their little annoyances. He fires away at them on the field when matters are not going to suit him, but he does it in his frank, off-hand manner, and recovers his natural good nature so easily and quickly that it is plain to them that there is not a spark of malice in his whole rotund body, and they weather the storm and profit by the reaction of increased kindness, as all sensible players should.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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