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Date Tuesday, September 17, 1872

ALL WRONG AND AL. WRIGHT. We fear Mr. Wright, of the Mercury “official” scorer for the Athletics will never forgive us, because we dismissed him from out employment for ignorance and incompetency. He does not know how to score. He has never properly read the rules, does not know how to interpret them, cannot write grammatically, and does not know what a base hit or an earned run is. In hiring Mr. Wright to write for our paper, we fell into the general error that he was a reliable reporter of base ball; the moment we discovered his ignorance and incompetency, we dismissed him, and since then, we of course felt it was but mere justice to the public, (and our twenty thousand base ball readers,) to show his numerous faults plainly and promptly. We have no personal ill-feeling toward Mr. Wright–no desire to call him a blackguard, a toady, a New York renegade, or any thing of that sort: quite the contrary! Egad, we think he ought to be grateful for our sincere efforts to improve him. That’s what’s the matter. Of course, he abuses us. But, that’s nothing.

Source Evening City Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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