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Date Wednesday, July 7, 1886

The colored Trenton Club did not let its crack pitcher, George Stovey, go to the Jersey City Club without a consideration. The manager of the Trentons had a personal contract with Stovey which would have prevented his playing with any other club in New Jersey, but a cash bonus and a promise of exhibition games with Eastern League clubs induced Trenton to let Stovey go. The Sporting Life July 7, 1886

a pick-off play at second

The latest trick introduced by the Chicagos, and which they worked to the Queen’s taste on their first visit to St. Louis this year, is a terribly puzzling play, in which Williamson and Pfeffer indulge in order to put the base-runner out at second. The runner plays a few feet off the bag and the short stop and second baseman play at the usual position, nearly midway between the bases. Now the fun begins. The pitcher stands ready with the ball to throw it down and divides his time between watching the base and a sort of bluff movement, as though he were going to pitch. Williamson then runs back towards the base and the runner hustles to reach it. As the two run the pitcher makes a motion as if about to throw. Williamson then gets back to his position and the base-runner, thinking the bluff is over, goes back with him. Scarcely are the two on the way when Pfeffer runs like a streak to the bag, the ball is thrown and the runner is out. St Louis Post-Dispatch July 10, 1886

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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