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Date Saturday, May 15, 1880

The Albany Express gives the following account of a curious incident in the Albany-National game on May 3: “There was one man out. Farrell was at first and Morrissey at third. Pike at the bat peppered a hard one to the left field. Dignan and Warner both went for it. Everybody saw it drop to the ground, but in a twinkling a ball was thrown in, and Warner claims to have caught it. The umpire thereupon declared Pike out and Morrissey for leaving his base, amid much confusion. Where did the ball go to? Were there two balls? What has become of the ball seen on the ground? everyone asked, but nobody answered. It was very curious.” Another account says that Dignan and McClellen ran for the ball, which was seen to strike the latter's hands and fall to the ground, and that without either of the fielders stopping the ball was fielded in and the striker declared out.

Source New York Clipper
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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