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Date Wednesday, February 9, 1887

[from the Baltimore correspondent’s column] Looking over some “backnumbers” lately, one of the places where Caylor had stuck a pin came to view. It was a prediction to the effect that the League and Association would consolidate in 1887. It would seem now not to be so probable, but they can do it yet before Dec. 31, that is if they are anxious to save Caylor’s reputation as a prophet. Why in the world they do not consolidate the whole thing into one grand stock company is a mystery to business men. Then there would be no fighting over the schedules, no conflicting dates, no wrecking copetition for players, but a sort of a Standard Oil concern that could dictate terms to railroads, hotels, and over the range of every field of expense. By such a system, even the saving over the present one would make an independent fortune. The present policy of independent clubs creates a financial rivalry that operates as a throat-cutting proceeding to all the parties concerned, and has long ago been abandoned in all lines of business of equal magnitude and parallel characteristics. The joint stock company project, too, is probably the only one that will ever accomplish the base ball millennium; that is, the equalization of the playing strength of teams. The Sporting Life February 9, 1887 [See also George Williams’ column TSL 870223.]

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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