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Date Saturday, December 27, 1856


A game at ball is a very nice play.  The boys have a bat, and they hit the ball with it and knock it away.  Sometimes the boys miss the ball, and then the catcher catches it, and they have to be out.  Sometimes they knock it over the fence, and then the boy that knocked it over has to be out.  There are two kinds of ball playing;  the base ball and the cat and dog ball.  When the boys play cat and dog ball, they have two bats and four boys.  Two of the boys take the bats, and the other two throw the ball from one to the other past the boys who have the bats, at the same time one throws the other tries to catch him out.

Nyack, Dec., 1856T.--Dis. 4.

Source Rockland County Journal
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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