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Date Wednesday, August 12, 1885

St. Louis son Wednesday's game from Louisville by a reprehensible trick. Louisville had the game well in ahnd by 2 to 0. St. .Louis had not even made a hit up to the eighth inning when, after one man was out, Nicol got to first on a fumble by Miller. A short fly by Foutz next placed Nicol an Zthird and Foutz on second, and Bushong came to the bat and hit fou. The ball went over the south wing of the grand stand into a yard adjoining the ground. In an instant Latham ran up to Superintendent Solari, who was standing near the players' benches, and whispered to him. Observers at once predicted that the ball would not be found. Solari walked rapidly to the gate at the West end of the South wing of the grand stand, and left the field as if to hurry up the search for the ball. In less than a minute he returned and cried out: “The ball is lost.” A new ball was then brought into use and Bushong quickly drove it to centre for two bases, bringing in Nicol and Foutz and tieing the score. A hit by Gleason brought in Bushong, whose run won the game. This was rough on Louisville.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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