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Date Friday, July 26, 1889

“It is quite likely that I will be called upon to draw lots,” said President Young of the league, “to decide who is entitle to the services of Krock, recently released by the Chicagos. Both Philadelphia and Indianapolis have accepted the services of this pitcher, and in the case of the latter organization Sommers is desired also. Ten days will have elapsed the 28th inst. since these men were released, and at the expiration of that time they will be eligible to sign with clubs outside the league if they are not secured by one of our own teams. Every club in the league may put in a bid for this battery the evening of the 27th inst. and each organization would have an equal claim upon the services of the men. To obviate any future trouble, however, I will place the names of each club on a piece of paper, put them in my hat, and give them a good shaking up. Some one will then be requested to draw a slip of paper from the hat, and the club which is lucky enough to be drawn first will secure Krock. If Philadelphia comes out of the hat first Krock alone will be turned over to Manager Wright.

Source ” Chicago Tribune
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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