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Date Sunday, November 12, 1876
Text umpire is sorely tried in deciding upon fair and foul hits. Whichever way he may decide upon a close point, somebody will be displeased. There is a remedy for the evil, and it is to do away with “fair fouls,” so called, by enacting a rule that all hit balls which go out of the diamond before reaching first and third base shall be declared “foul,” and all balls which go inside those bases, no matter where they first strike the ground, shall be “fair.” Pursuant to this rule, all outs on bounds will be abolished and only outs by flies, including three strikes, will be counted. Of necessity, such a rule would operate against fair-foul hitters, but their loss from this cause would be compensated by the “lifes” on foul bounds and three strikes caught on the bound. There would be danger under the rule that batsmen would undertake to block the good balls pitched in order gain the first base on “three balls,” but in doing so they would run the risk of an out on the “tip” or short fly. The home plate could perhaps be returned to its old position, if this rule were adopted. The rule has been tried in quite a number of games, this fall, and has worked to the satisfaction of every one so far as there has been an expression of opinion.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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