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Date Wednesday, September 8, 1875

[Boston vs. Atlantic 9/7/1875] Yesterday the Atlantics batted [John Manning] very freely and hard, and but for stupid base running, and one man to all appearances striking out purposely, they should have had double the number of their runs. I was told, before the game was through, that this same man and his friends were betting that we would beat them in one inning, and he was playing to win his money. His play in his position, 3.b., was very bad. Such is base ball in N.Y. and B. Spalding, Jim White and Barnes are very thick and their caucuses are frequent. I asked Jim yesterday if he was yet of the same mind, and would play in B. if released from his promise to play in Chicago. He said they would not release him he was certain, and things were different now; that is his brother is not to pitch. I can see he has made up his mind to go to Chicago. [from a letter by Harry Wright, writing from New York, to Frederick Long, dated September 8, 1875] [The Atlantics’ third baseman was Maurice Moore. He won his bet.]

Source from a letter by Harry Wright, writing from New York, to Frederick Long
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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