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Date Wednesday, February 6, 1889

[from R. M. Larner's column] I am very sorry Jim Whitney was allowed to leave the Capital without coming to some definite understanding with Mr. Hewitt for the approaching season. There are several player son the team whom we might dispense with and be benefited thereby, but Jim Whitney is not one of them. I do not know the details of his disagreement with the Washington management, beyond what Jim says himself, but I imagine that he was rated at about class C, at a salary of $2,000. … I don't desire to encourage Jim to hold out, or make a bad break which may prevent him from playing here next season, but in my humble opinion he should be classed higher than either Jerry Denny or Jack Glasscock, and it appears that the former is in class B--$2,250. In classifying the players of the League Mr. Young announced that good deportment would cut a conspicuous figure in rating players. Now I have known Whitney as a player ever since he became identified with the League, and no one can point to an instance where he has been arrested for misconduct in public places, nor has he ever been generally recognized as a dirty ball player. Why he should be rated below Denny reasonable and fair-minded people cannot understand. Denny has played in the League just as long as Whitney has, yet the latter stands even with him in batting. So far as general deportment is concerned, taking together with general usefulness on the field, Jim Whitney should outrank Mike Kelly, Glasscock, Denny, Dunlap, and several others whose moral character might be marked doubtful, yet it is said that all of these men are put in class A. The Sporting Life February 6, 1889

Pitcher Jim Whitney on Friday signed with Indianapolis at classification figures. The Sporting Life April 10, 1889

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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