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Date Sunday, April 29, 1860

Mr. Chichester, of the Putnam Club of Brooklyn, has manufactured an improved base, which will no doubt soon entirely supersede the old style of base-bags. In the improvement, an iron circle is fastened to one side of the base, and a screw with a nut-head is inserted into the base-post; the base is placed on it, and the head of the screw enters the iron circle on the base, similarly as a key into a lock. The base revolves on this centre, but never moves away from it, and it is easily taken up at the close of the game by turning it round once. No straps are required, and the new base can be put down and taken up “in a little less than no time.” The Putnam, Eagle, and Knickerbocker Clubs have adopted the use of Mr. Chichester’s bases. Those who wish to examine them may do so at the manufacturer’s office...

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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