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Date Sunday, July 26, 1868

The match game between the Harvard and Lowell clubs, set for the 17th inst., did not come off. Both parties appeared on the ground at the appointed hour, the Harvards with their full nine, and the Lowells with Lovett, Sumner and Alline, who were sick, their places being filled by Lowell, Conant and Dennison. The Harvards, learning of this state of affairs, very generously refused to play a match game, but not to disappoint the large number of spectators, decided to play a practice game... At a meeting of the Lowell Club held the following evening, the following preamble and resolution was unanimously adopted... Resolved, That the Lowell Club desire to express their sincere thanks to the Harvard Club for this polite and gentlemanly act, and assure them it is fully appreciated.

Source New York Dispatch
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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