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Date Friday, April 26, 1889

The Harvard base ball men have hatched up a trick which they claim will catch nearly every opponent who is lucky enough to steal second base. It is played between the pitcher, third baseman, and short stop, and its object is to confuse the player who may stealing from second to third base. It is, as nearly as can be descried, as follows: The player who has succeeded in reaching second base, on seeing that baseman step back to his usual position, about ten feet back of the base line, steals several feet down the path toward third. When he is about in front of short stop that player makes a dash toward second base, which causes the runner to dart in that direction also; but the short stop's run is only a feint, and the runner, on seeing the short stop stop, also stops before reaching second, and the pitcher throws the ball to the second baseman, who is on base, and whom the runner has entirely forgotten, and the runner is out.

Source New York Sun
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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