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Date Saturday, July 2, 1887

[editorial matter] They say steps are to be taken shortly to abolish the present system of coaching. In fact in some cities coaching has been done away with just as an experiment and we are told the experiment has worked well. But we do not believe it. In our mind baseball without coaching is just no game at all. Some old fellows, notably Harry Wright, have announced themselves as in favor of the abolishment of the present style of coaching. By so declaring themselves they go back on their own record. Since the days of the old Haymakers coaching has been popular with the real lovers of the game. Who will forget the King boys—Mart and Steve—with their old war whoop as they called on their comrades for a rally at the bat. Who will forget the old Chicago White Stockings with Jimmy Wood on one side of the line, with Mart King as his vis-a-vis and the two coaching their sides like mad. Who will forget the old Cincinnati Reds with George Wright's grinning ivories and his shouts of “Steady there now,” and “Take care, take care.” Who too will forget Andy Leonard's queer antics and the coaching of such men as McGeary, McBride, Mallone, Fisler, Barnes, Hodes, Addy, Hasting and a host of others. It was the tricks of the trade that won in those days just as it is the tricks of the trade that win now. Men of the Anson, Comiskey and Keely stripe have learned these tricks and profited by them. Those who are too dull to learn these tricks and too bull-headed to be taught them are naturally opposed to the game as it is played today, as it was played yesterday and as it should be played for all time.

Source Sporting News
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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