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Date Wednesday, December 12, 1888

[from George Stackhouse's column][from an interview of Erastus Wiman] “It is said, Mr. Wiman, that in case there is trouble between the players and the League owners that you will back the Brotherhood in its fight against the moneyed men of base ball.”

“No, no,” said the financier. “I am out of base ball. Some time ago, probably a year or more, I might have done so, but not now. At that time I had the old Metropolitan Club on my hands, and acknowledged that I did consider such a scheme. Ward came to me and made such a proposition and I thought favorably of it at the time. Now such a thing is out of the question. I am much more interested in Canadian affairs.” The Sporting Life December 12, 1888

[from Frank Brunell's column] Two stories are on the breeze and in our Western ears to which I can add a little testimony. The first is that from Boston, which quotes Arthur Irwin as saying that a year ago while the League-Brotherhood battle was on, Erastus Wiman stood ready to back the players in their project of starting teams in the leading League cities. A New Yorker in a position to know, told me the same story during the recent League meeting, and it is undoubtedly true. And there were more capitalists beside Mr. Wiman in the scheme. The Sporting Life December 12, 1888

Source The Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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