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Date Wednesday, March 11, 1885

[describing plans for the new Chicago West Side Grounds] Instead of the unsightly board fence that usually surrounds base ball grounds, a handsome brick wall, twelve feet high, will entirely surround the grounds. No other base ball and athletic grounds in America will have a brick wall for a fence, and in fact there is only one such grounds in the world, and that the celebrated Lords' grounds in London, located in the very centre of the finest residence part of that city. The Sporting Life March 11, 1885

Work on the improvements is being rapidly pushed. The twelve-foot brick wall that will enclose the entire block is nearly completed and the grand stand and other buildings are rapidly assuming shape. Beyond all question the Chicago base ball park will be the finest and best in the world. Its neat brick buildings, substantial wall, and well-kept lawns will place it far in advance of any other base ball grounds, and the cities of the East will undoubtedly pattern after Chicago's usual excellence as soon as they see how far they are surpassed. The Sporting Life April 22, 1885

an Olympics player goes semi-professional

The Nationals, of Philadelphia, have reorganized as a semi-professional team for 1885. The nine includes Siffel, of the Athletics, Metz, of the Olympics, and McCann, catchers.... The Sporting Life March 11, 1885

Source Sporting Life
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