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Date Sunday, February 12, 1888

[Spaldings vs. Chicago Boys on ice 2/11/1888] A rotund and blooming individual playing centre field in the Spalding nine distinguished himself by making a home run on a blocked ball. The ball was “blocked” by the ear of a small boy who was standing behind the first baseman. Mr. Huck stopped to see if what there was left of the small boy was worth putting together again, and the first baseman tapped him several times on the arm to signify that he had been put out at first. A happy thought struck Capt. Morton.

“Run, Huck, run!” he yelled; “it's a blocked ball! Why don't you run?”

Mr. Huck, who is not so good a ball-player as he is handsome, obeyed his Captain in a perfunctory sort of way, and by the time the Chicago Boys had discovered that blocked ball must be returned to the pitcher he had reached the home plate and scored. The small boy will recover.

Source Chicago Tribune
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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