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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Virginia 28 Games and 123 Clubs

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28 Games and 123 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame Marion Club of Brooklyn v Sumpter Club of Norfolk 12 - 11 1860-04-24 Norfolk VA VA
Club Sumpter Club of Norfolk 1860-04-24 Norfolk VA VA
Ballgame Second New Jersey Infantry v First New Jersey Infantry 33 - 20 1861-11-16 Alexandria VA Alexandria, VA
Ballgame 67th New York Infantry v 62nd New York Infantry 1863-04-19 Falmouth VA Falmouth, VA
Club Club of Old Point 1866 Old Point VA Old Point, VA
Club Club of Lexington 1866 Lexington VA Lexington, VA
Club Club of Fredericksburg 1866 Fredericksburg VA Fredericksburg, VA
Club Club of Staunton 1866-03 Staunton VA Staunton, VA
Club Monticello Club of Charlottesville 1866-04-14 Charlottesville VA Charlottesville, VA
Club Lone Star Club of Harrisonburg 1866-07 Harrisonburg VA Harrisonburg, VA
Club Pioneer Club of Alexandria 1866-07-11 Alexandria VA Alexandria, VA
Club Independent Club of Petersburg 1866-10 Petersburg VA Petersburg, VA
Club Lee Club of New Market 1866-11 New Market VA New Market, VA
Ballgame Richmond Club of Richmond v Spottswood Base Ball Club of Richmond 102 - 76 1866-11-23 Richmond VA Richmond, VA
Club Club of Bellvue 1867 Bellvue VA Bellvue, VA
Ballgame Independent Club of Petersburg v Contest Club of Petersburg 80 - 56 1867-04 Petersburg VA Petersburg, VA
Club Excelsior Club of Winchester 1867 Winchester VA Winchester, VA
Club Hill City Club of Lynchburg 1867-05 Lynchburg VA Lynchburg, VA
Club Club of Abingdon 1867-05-13 Abingdon VA Abingdon, VA
Club Merrimac Club of Portsmouth 1867 Portsmouth VA Portsmouth, VA
Club Athletics Club of Boydton (Randolph-Macon College) 1868-05-05 Boydton (Randolph-Macon College) VA Boydton (Randolph-Macon College), VA
Club Club of Roanoke 1870 Roanoke VA Roanoke, VA
Club Rickety Club of Fairfax 1870 Fairfax VA Fairfax, VA
Club Stonewall Club of Manassas 1870 Manassas VA Manassas, VA
Club Club of Suffolk 1871 Suffolk VA Suffolk, VA
Club Club of Emory (Emory College) 1874-05 Emory (Emory College) VA Emory (Emory College), VA
Club Club of Bristol 1874-05 Bristol VA Bristol, VA
Club Club of Gordonsville 1878 Gordonsville VA Gordonsville, VA
Club Star Club of Louisa Court House 1878-06 Louisa Court House VA Louisa Court House, VA
Club Red Stocking Club of Manchester 1878-08 Manchester VA Manchester, VA
Club Club of Woodstock 1879 Woodstock VA Woodstock, VA

Related Bibliography

Title Author Date State City Online Link Origins Study Group
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Baseball in Portsmouth Shampoe, Clay, and T. Garrett 2004 VA Portsmouth