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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > New York 1601 Games and 1021 Clubs

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1601 Games and 1021 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Gymnastics of Columbia College 1805 New York Manhattan NY United States
Ballgame First Ward Of New York v Ninth and Fifteenth Ward of New York 1832 New York Manhattan NY United States
Club Eckford Club of Brooklyn 1855-06-27 Brooklyn Brooklyn NY Greenpoint
Club Union Club of Morrisania 1855-07-28 Morrisania The Bronx NY Morrisania, NY
Club Club of Newburgh 1856 Newburgh NY Newburgh, NY
Club Excelsior Club of Albany 1856-05-12 Albany NY Albany, NY
Club American Club of Buffalo 1856 Buffalo NY Buffalo, NY
Ballgame Excelsior Club of Albany v Empire Club of Albany 70 - 67 1856-06-10 Albany NY Albany, NY
Ballgame Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Union Club of Morrisania 22 - 8 1856-09-17 Harlem Manhattan NY Harlem, NY
Club Young America Club of Harlem 1856-09-20 Harlem Manhattan NY Harlem, NY
Club Enterprise Club of Bedford 1856-10-03 Bedford, Long Island Brooklyn NY Bedford, Long Island, NY
Club Excelsior Club of Greenpoint 1856-10-16 Greenpoint Brooklyn NY Greenpoint, NY
Club Putnam Club of Williamsburg 1856-10-25 Williamsburg Brooklyn NY Williamsburg, NY
Ballgame Eagle Base Ball Club of New York v Eckford Club of Brooklyn 34 - 20 1857-06-16 Greenpoint Brooklyn NY Greenpoint, NY
Club Champion Club of Yorkville, NYC 1857-09-24 Yorkville Manhattan NY Yorkville, NY
Club Star Base Ball Club of Sing Sing (Ossining) 1857-11-19 Ossining NY Ossining, NY
Club Highlands Club of New Windsor 1858 New Windsor NY New Windsor, NY
Club Live Oak Club of Rochester 1858 Rochester NY Rochester, NY
Club Alida Club of Ravenswood 1858 Ravenswood NY Ravenswood, NY
Club Union Club of East Pembroke 1858-08 East Pembroke NY East Pembroke, NY
Club Syracuse Base Ball Club 1858-09 Syracuse NY Syracuse, NY
Ballgame Flour City Club of Rochester v Niagara Club of Buffalo 16 - 25 1858-09-03 Rochester NY Rochester, NY
Club Canandaigua BBC 1859 Canandaigua NY Canandaigua, NY
Club Union College Club of Schenectady 1859 Schenectady NY Schenectady, NY
Club Ontario Club of Oswego 1859 Oswego NY Oswego, NY
Club Club of Poughkeepsie 1859 Poughkeepsie NY Poughkeepsie, NY
Club Club of Utica 1859-04-18 Utica NY Utica, NY
Club Young America Club of Medina 1859-05 Medina NY Medina, NY
Club Continental Club of Saugerties 1859-05-22 Saugerties NY Saugerties, NY
Club Neosho Club of New Utrecht 1859-05-29 New Utrecht Brooklyn NY New Utrecht, NY
Club Club of Peterboro 1859-06-18 Peterboro NY Peterboro, NY
Ballgame Hudson River Club of Newburgh v Highlands Club of New Windsor 28 - 23 1859-06-23 Newburgh NY Newburgh, NY
Club Canastota Club 1859-06-25 Canastota NY Canastota, NY
Club Club of Cazenovia 1859-06-25 Cazenovia NY Cazenovia, NY
Club Club of Astoria, NY 1859-06-26 Astoria Queens NY Astoria, NY
Club Old Hickory Club of Orange 1859-07-10 Orange NY Orange, NY
Ballgame Pastime Club of Brooklyn v Neosho Club of New Utrecht 40 - 17 1859-07-14 New Utrecht Brooklyn NY New Utrecht, NY
Club Chittenango Club 1859-08 Chittenango NY Chittenango, NY
Club Club of Munnsville 1859-08 Munnsville NY Munnsville, NY
Club Club of Oneida 1859-08 Oneida NY Oneida, NY
Club Victory Club of Troy 1859-08-02 Troy NY Troy, NY
Club Excelsior Club of Lockport 1859-08-04 Lockport NY Lockport, NY
Club Columbian Club of Bergen, NY 1859-08-07 Bergen NY Bergen, NY
Club Vanguard Club of Cohoes 1859-08-07 Cohoes NY Cohoes, NY
Club Enterprise Club of West Farms 1859-08-21 West Farms The Bronx NY West Farms, NY
Club Excelsior Club of West Troy 1859-08-26 West Troy NY West Troy, NY
Club Washington Club of Bay Ridge 1859-08-28 Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY Bay Ridge, NY
Club Salt Point Club of Salina 1859-09-01 Salina NY Salina, NY
Club Club of Mount Vernon 1859-09-04 Mount Vernon Westchester County NY Mount Vernon, NY
Club Crescent Club of Flushing 1859-09-18 Flushing Queens NY Flushing, NY
Club Club of Yonkers 1859-09-25 Yonkers Westchester County NY Yonkers, NY
Ballgame Club of Oneida v Club of Peterboro 1859-10 Oneida NY Oneida, NY
Club National Club of Lansingburgh 1859-10-21 Lansingburgh NY Lansingburgh, NY
Club Club of Jamestown, NY 1859 Jamestown NY Jamestown, NY
Club Meitawak Club of Flatbush 1859-11-06 Flatbush Brooklyn NY Flatbush, NY
Ballgame Good Intent Club of New Utrecht v Neosho Club of New Utrecht 13 - 19 1859-11-09 Fort Hamilton Brooklyn NY Fort Hamilton, NY
Club Wawayanda Club of Gravesend 1859-11-27 Gravesend Brooklyn NY Gravesend, NY
Club Club of Deruyter 1859 Deruyter NY Deruyter, NY
Club Union Club of Newtown 1859-12-04 Newtown Queens NY Newtown, NY
Club Island Club of Ward's Island 1859-12-04 Ward's Island Manhattan NY Ward's Island, NY
Club Jasper Club of Middle Village 1859-12-18 Middle Village Queens NY Middle Village, NY
Club Meteor Club of Addison 1860 Addison NY Addison, NY
Club Club of Geddes 1860-04 Geddes NY Geddes, NY
Club Young American Base Ball Club of Dunkirk 1860-04 Dunkirk NY Dunkirk, NY
Club Club of Saratoga Springs 1860-04-03 Saratoga Springs NY Saratoga Springs, NY
Ballgame Students of Hamilton College v Students of Hamilton College 75 - 45 1860-05 Clinton NY Clinton, NY
Club Oswegatchie Club of Ogdensburg 1860-05-08 Ogdensburg NY Ogdensburg, NY
Club Club of Batavia 1860-05-27 Batavia NY Batavia, NY
Ballgame Whitesboro v Utica 8 - 39 1860-06-02 Utica NY Utica, NY
Club Lone Star Club of Melrose 1860-06-03 Melrose NY Melrose, NY
Club Union Club of Whitehall 1860-06-10 Whitehall NY Whitehall, NY
Club Club of Whitesboro 1860-06-10 Whitesboro NY Whitesboro, NY
Club Young Hickory Club of Port Richmond 1860-06-17 Port Richmond Staten Island NY Port Richmond, NY
Club Wide Awake Club of Green Island 1860-06-19 Green Island NY Green Island, NY
Club Union Club of Waterford 1860-06-21 Waterford NY Waterford, NY
Club Young America Club of Hermon 1860-06-21 Hermon NY Hermon, NY
Ballgame Benecia Boy (Brooklyn) v Wild Rover (Port Richmond) 43 - 8 1860-06-25 Port Richmond Staten Island NY Port Richmond, NY
Club Victory Club of Phelps 1860-06-26 Phelps NY Phelps, NY
Club Club of Oneida Castle 1860-07 Oneida Castle NY Oneida Castle, NY
Club Mazeppa Club of Fairmount 1860-07-01 Fairmount NY Fairmount, NY
Club National Club of White Plains 1860-07-01 White Plains Westchester County NY White Plains, NY
Club Chatham Club of Chatham 1860-07-29 Chatham NY Chatham, NY
Club Union Club of Catskill 1860-07-29 Catskill NY Catskill, NY
Club Howard Base Ball Club of Leroy 1860-08 Le Roy NY Le Roy, NY
Club Fayetteville Base Ball Club 1860-08-01 Fayetteville NY Fayetteville, NY
Club America Club of Bethany 1860-08 Bethany NY Bethany, NY
Club Club of Rome 1860-08-05 Rome NY Rome, NY
Club Buena Club of Mott Haven 1860-08-05 Mott Haven NY Mott Haven, NY
Ballgame National Club of Lansingburgh v Club of Pittsfield 37 - 19 1860-08-08 Chatham NY Chatham, NY
Club Union Club of Brighton 1860-08-12 Brighton NY Brighton, NY
Club Logan Club of Auburn 1860-08-13 Auburn NY Auburn, NY
Club Zouave Club of Potsdam 1860-08-14 Potsdam NY Potsdam, NY
Club Active Club of Barrytown 1860-08-22 Barrytown NY Barrytown, NY
Club Alert Club of Red Hook 1860-08-24 Red Hook NY Red Hook, NY
Club Eureka Club of Port Schuyler 1860-08-25 Port Schuyler NY Port Schuyler, NY
Club Club of Jefferson - 2 1860-08-26 Jefferson NY Jefferson, NY
Club Union Club of Danville 1860-09-02 Danville NY Danville, NY
Club Eclipse Club of Kingston 1860-09-02 Kingston NY Kingston, NY
Club Club of Tarrytown 1860-09-09 Tarrytown Westchester County NY Tarrytown, NY
Club Windfall Club of Stockbridge 1860-09-09 Stockbridge NY Stockbridge, NY

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