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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Kansas 12 Games and 120 Clubs

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12 Games and 120 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame In Emporia on 25 December 1858 1858-12-25 Emporia KS KS
Ballgame In Lawrence in April 1863 1863-04 Lawrence KS Lawrence, KS
Club Frontier Club of Fort Leavenworth 1865 Fort Leavenworth KS KS
Club Club of Fort Scott 1866 Fort Scott KS Fort Scott, KS
Club Club of Wyandotte 1866 Wyandotte KS Wyandotte, KS
Club Young Men's Club of Topeka 1866-05 Topeka KS Topeka, KS
Club Pomeroys Club of Atchison 1866-08-12 Atchison KS Atchison, KS
Club Bluemont Club of Manhattan 1866-09 Manhattan KS Manhattan, KS
Club University Club of Lawrence 1866-11 Lawrence KS Lawrence, KS
Club Club of Junction City 1867 Junction City KS Junction City, KS
Club Bradley Base Ball Club of Fort Harker 1867 Fort Harker KS Fort Harker, KS
Club Smoky Hill Base Ball Club of Ellsworth City 1867 Ellsworth KS Ellsworth, KS
Club Franklin Club of Ottawa 1867 Ottawa KS Ottawa, KS
Club Mutual Club of Baldwin City 1867 Baldwin City KS Baldwin City, KS
Club Topelian Club of Troy 1867-04-12 Troy KS Troy, KS
Ballgame Shawnee Club of Topeka v Kaw Valley BBC Club of Lawrence 15 - 52 1867-08-06 Topeka KS Topeka, KS
Club Prairie Base Ball Club of Olathe 1867 Olathe KS Olathe, KS
Club Club of Paola 1868 Paola KS Paola, KS
Club Neosho Valley Club of Erie 1868 Erie KS Erie, KS
Club Olympic Club of Uniontown 1868 Uniontown KS Uniontown, KS
Club Alert Club of Hiawatha 1868 Hiawatha KS Hiawatha, KS
Club Wide Awake Club of Greeley 1868 Greeley KS Greeley, KS
Club Beecher Club of Fort Wallace 1868 Fort Wallace KS Fort Wallace, KS
Club Wild West Club of Garnett 1868 Garnett KS Garnett, KS
Club Club of Burlington, KS 1868 Burlington KS Burlington, KS
Ballgame In Fort Hays in May 1868 1868-05 Fort Hays KS Fort Hays, KS
Club Champion Base Ball Club of Leavenworth 1868 Leavenworth KS Leavenworth, KS
Club Emporia Base Ball Club of Emporia 1869 Emporia KS Emporia, KS
Club Pottawatomie Club of Lane City 1869 Lane KS Lane, KS
Club Pioneers Club of White Cloud 1869-08-05 White Cloud KS White Cloud, KS
Club Club of New Chicago, KS 1870 Chanute KS Chanute, KS
Club Grasshopper Club of Perry 1870 Perry KS Perry, KS
Club Lightfoot Club of Burlingame 1870 Burlingame KS Burlingame, KS
Club Shoo Fly Club of Clinton 1870 Clinton KS Clinton, KS
Club Pioneer Club of Clyde 1870 Clyde KS Clyde, KS
Club Empire Club of Concordia 1870 Concordia KS Concordia, KS
Club Rock Creek Valley Club of Bloomington 1870 Bloomington KS Bloomington, KS
Club Red Jackets Club of Eudora 1870 Eudora KS Eudora, KS
Club Reeder Club of Scipio 1870 Scipio KS Scipio, KS
Club Joy Club of Girard 1870 Girard KS Girard, KS
Ballgame In Fort Riley in May 1870 19 - 17 1870-05 Fort Riley KS Fort Riley, KS
Club Club of Neodesha 1871 Neodesha KS Neodesha, KS
Club Club of Humboldt, KS 1871 Humboldt KS Humboldt, KS
Club Snail Club of Independence 1871 Independence KS Independence, KS
Club Club of Plymouth, KS 1871 Plymouth KS Plymouth, KS
Club Club of Americus 1871 Americus KS Americus, KS
Club Club of Parkerville 1872 Parkerville KS Parkerville, KS
Club Club of Cottonwood Falls 1872 Cottonwood Falls KS Cottonwood Falls, KS
Club Club of Augusta, KS 1872 Augusta KS Augusta, KS
Ballgame In Hutchinson on 4 July 1872 1872-07-04 Hutchinson KS Hutchinson, KS
Club Club of Towanda 1872 Towanda KS Towanda, KS
Club Arkansas Valley Boys of Wichita 1872 Wichita KS Wichita, KS
Club Club of Arkansas City 1873 Arkansas City KS Arkansas City, KS
Ballgame Dolly Varden Club of Fort Dodge v John R. Brooke Club of Camp Supply, I.T. 28 - 49 1873-10-03 Fort Dodge KS Fort Dodge, KS
Club Dolly Varden Club of Fort Dodge 1873-10-03 Fort Dodge KS Fort Dodge, KS
Club Rangers Club of Fredonia 1874 Fredonia KS Fredonia, KS
Club Frontier Club of Winfield 1874 Winfield KS Winfield, KS
Club Club of El Dorado, KS 1874 El Dorado KS El Dorado, KS
Club Smokey Valley Club of Salina 1874-07 Salina KS Salina, KS
Club Haymakers Club of Parsons 1874-09 Parsons KS Parsons, KS
Club Dreadnaught Club of Minneapolis 1874 Minneapolis KS Minneapolis, KS
Club Club of Hutchinson 1874 Hutchinson KS Hutchinson, KS
Club Club of Burr Oak 1875 Burr Oak KS Burr Oak, KS
Club Club of Peabody, KS 1875 Peabody KS Peabody, KS
Club Club of Newton, KS 1875 Newton KS Newton, KS
Club Club of Abilene 1875 Abilene KS Abilene, KS
Club Smoky Hill Base Ball Club of Ellis 1875 Ellis KS Ellis, KS
Club Club of Sabetha 1876 Sabetha KS Sabetha, KS
Club Club of Mankato, KS 1876 Mankato KS Mankato, KS
Club Club of Peru, KS 1876 Peru KS Peru, KS
Club Blue Rapids Club of Centralia 1876 Centralia KS Centralia, KS
Ballgame Abilene picked nine v Salina picked nine 36 - 42 1876-07-27 Abilene KS Abilene, KS
Ballgame Blue Rapids Club of Centralia v Club of Sabetha 1876-09 Seneca KS Seneca, KS
Club Clippers Club of Coffeyville 1876 Coffeyville KS Coffeyville, KS
Club Club of South Haven, KS 1877 South Haven KS South Haven, KS
Club Lightfoot Club of Caldwell 1877 Caldwell KS Caldwell, KS
Club Vance Club of Fort Hays 1877 Fort Hays KS Fort Hays, KS
Club Club of Hays City 1877 Hays KS Hays, KS
Club Club of Dodge City 1877 Dodge City KS Dodge City, KS
Club Chiefs Club of St. Marys College 1878 St. Marys KS St. Marys, KS
Club Club of Larned 1878 Larned KS Larned, KS
Club Club of Fort Larned 1878 Fort Larned KS Fort Larned, KS
Club Club of Phillipsburg 1878 Phillipsburg KS Phillipsburg, KS
Ballgame In Dodge City in 1878 1878 Dodge City KS Dodge City, KS
Club Kansas City (KS) Base Ball Club 1879 Kansas City KS Kansas City, KS
Club Resolute Club of Norton 1879 Norton KS Norton, KS
Club Club of Baxter Springs 1887 Baxter Springs KS Baxter Springs, KS
Ballgame Club of Meade Center v Club of Hugoton 10 - 24 1888 Liberal KS Liberal, KS

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