In Emporia on 25 December 1858

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Date of Game Saturday, December 25, 1858
Location Emporia, KS, United States
NY Rules Likely

The observance of Christmas day in Emporia was not unlike that generally practice elsewhere. The weather was mild, but the sky was o'ercast with clouds...But the feature of the observance was a huge game of “ball” in the public square. Nearly all the male bipeds of the place – old and young – participated in the sport, which commenced in the morning and continued until dark. - The fun and excitement were great, and doffing, for the time, the gravity and dignity of every-day life and business, all were “boys again,” and entered into the spirit of the game with a relish and vigor that would have done credit to their younger years. - The discussions which grew out of this revival of “the days when we were young,” have been very numerous, covering the whole range of “ball science,” and many are the learned disquisitions we have listened to in regard to the merits and demerits of “base ball,” bull-pen, cat-ball, etc., with the proper mode of conducting the game. - Nobody got mad or drunk during the whole day; and although the time might have been more profitably spent, yet taking it all in all, we believe that it was much better employed than is usual on such occasions.

-The Kansas News (Emporia, Kan.), January 1, 1859

(h/t Jeff Kittel)


Emporia had 541 inhabitants in 1859


The Kansas News (Emporia, Kan.), January 1, 1859

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
First in Location KS


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