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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Texas 17 Games and 92 Clubs

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17 Games and 92 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Club of Galveston 1859-02-24 Galveston TX TX First Club in Texas
Club Club of Austin, TX 1859-03-01 Austin TX Austin, TX
Club Club of Houston 1861-04-04 Houston TX Houston, TX
Ballgame Union army POWs v Union army POWs 1861 San Antonio TX TX
Ballgame Union army POWs 1863 Tyler TX Tyler, TX
Ballgame Teams from the army garrison 1865 Galveston TX Galveston, TX
Club Alamo Club of San Antonio 1867-04-17 San Antonio TX San Antonio, TX
Club Club of Waco 1868 Waco TX Waco, TX
Club Club of Lavaca 1868 Lavaca TX Lavaca, TX
Ballgame Stonewall Base Ball Club of Houston v Robert E. Lee Base Ball Club of Galveston 34 - 5 1868-04-21 Houston TX Houston, TX
Club Mina Club of Bastrop 1869-12-25 Bastrop TX Bastrop, TX
Club Merry Nine Club of Calvert 1870 Calvert TX Calvert, TX
Club Red Stockings Club of Denton 1870 Denton TX Denton, TX
Club White Stockings Club of Pilot Point 1870-07-04 Pilot Point TX Pilot Point, TX
Ballgame 1871 Marshall TX Marshall, TX
Club Club of Corpus Christi 1873-05 Corpus Christi TX Corpus Christi, TX
Ballgame 1873-05-26 Dallas TX Dallas, TX
Club Club of Fort Worth 1873-06 Fort Worth TX Fort Worth, TX
Club Club of Belton 1873-06-16 Belton TX Belton, TX
Club Club of Cleburne 1873-07 Cleburne TX Cleburne, TX
Club Club of Hillsboro 1873-08 Hillsboro TX Hillsboro, TX
Club Club of Corsicana 1873-08 Corsicana TX Corsicana, TX
Club Club of Denison 1873-11 Denison TX Denison, TX
Club Club of Sherman 1873-11 Sherman TX Sherman, TX
Ballgame Club of Denison v Club of Sherman 1873-11-13 Denison TX Denison, TX
Club Trinity Club of Dallas 1874-05-23 Dallas TX Dallas, TX
Club Club of Paris TX 1874-10-10 Paris TX Paris, TX
Club Club of Clarksville 1874-10-10 Clarksville TX Clarksville, TX
Club State Line Club of Texarkana 1876 Texarkana TX Texarkana, TX
Club Club of Columbus 1876 Columbus TX Columbus, TX
Club Centennial Club of Giddings 1876-04 Giddings TX Giddings, TX
Club Club of Weatherford 1876 Weatherford TX Weatherford, TX
Club Mutual Club of Navasota 1876 Navasota TX Navasota, TX
Club Club of Indianola 1876-07 Indianola TX Indianola, TX
Club Club of Jewett 1876-11 Jewett TX Jewett, TX
Club Club of Rockport 1877-03 Rockport TX Rockport, TX
Ballgame 1877-03-04 Fort Worth TX Fort Worth, TX
Club Club of Tyler 1877-07 Tyler TX Tyler, TX
Club Daisy Cutters Club of Longview 1877-07 Longview TX Longview, TX
Club Club of Henderson TX 1877-07 Henderson TX Henderson, TX
Club Club of San Saba 1878-02 San Saba TX San Saba, TX
Club Club of Beaumont 1878-03 Beaumont TX Beaumont, TX
Club Club of Bryan 1878-08-15 Bryan TX Bryan, TX
Club Club of Bellville 1878-12 Bellville TX Bellville, TX
Club Club of Laredo 1879-02 Laredo TX Laredo, TX
Club Athletic Club of Brenham 1879-06 Brenham TX Brenham, TX
Club Burnett Club of Crockett 1879-08 Crockett TX Crockett, TX
Club Red Jackets Club of Millican 1881-06 Millican TX Millican, TX
Club Club of Milam 1882-03 Milam TX Milam, TX
Club Senate Base Ball Club of El Paso 1883-04-16 El Paso TX El Paso, TX
Club Base Ball Club of Abilene 1885 Abilene TX Abilene, TX

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