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Nick Name Galveston
Earliest Known Date Thursday, February 24, 1859
Location Galveston, TX, United States
Nine Class Senior

A Base Ball Club was organized in Galveston "under the same rules as govern the clubs of the North," as reported by the Galveston "Civilian and Gazette Weekly," March 1, 1859.

This game appears to mark the arrival of the modern game to Texas, if not the entire South.

According to the newspaper, I. M. Freeman was elected President, A. Davidson Vice President, E. Van York, Treasurer, and Newt. Squires [sic] Secretary. The club members numbered 35.

Ira M. Freeman (1812-1878) was born in NY. In 1841 he served in the Texas Rangers. In 1859 he was a cotton factor in Galveston, partnered with Newton Squire. After the Civil War he settled in Navasota, TX, where he ran a hotel. He died in Navasota in 1878 and is buried there in Oakland Cemetery.

"A. Davidson" was cashier of the large Galveston merchant and shipping firm of Wm. Hendley & Co. I have tentatively identified him as NY-born Alexander V. Davidson (1837-1912), who was a clerk in NYC in 1856 and 1860 (it appears he moved to Galveston to work for the Hendley firm, which was co-headquartered in NYC). Postwar this Davidson was elected secretary of the Mutual BBC of NYC. He later was elected judge, then county sheriff. In the latter office he was charged with embezzlement, and fled the country. He later surfaced in Inyo County, CA, where he died on Feb. 5, 1912.

NY-born Edwin Van York (Yorx) (1832-69) moved to Brazoria County, Texas by 1850. He was a cotton broker in Galveston in 1860. He served in the Confederate army during the Civil War, in a local defense unit. He was Secy. of Galveston's IOOF Lodge. He died in Galveston in June 1869 of "General Debility".

NY-born Newton Squire (3-20-1831 12-10-1893) was the son of Lewis Lysander Squire (1807-68). Newton was a partner with Ira Freeman in a Cotton merchandising firm. During the Civil War he served as first Lieutenant in the "Galveston Guards," a local defense unit. Postwar he returned to NY. He died there and is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

As of May 2012, we have no record of games played by this club.

NOTE: in October 2012, Mike Vance was able to find out more about the founders of this club.


Galveston Civilian and Weekly Intelligencer, March 1, 1859, p. 2

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location TX
First in Location Note First Club in Texas
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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