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Articles by Bill Hicklin

Englische Base-ball on 2016/03/03
The 20 Rules of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club on 2016/03/05
Adopted September 23, 1845
1860 NABBP Rules on 2016/03/05
Rules of the Massachusetts Association of Base Ball Players on 2016/03/05
Adopted May 13, 1858 at Dedham, Massachusetts
La balle empoisonnée on 2016/03/05
From Les Jeux des jeunes garcons, representes par un grand nornbre d'estampes, 4th ed. (Paris: Chez Nepveu, Libraire, ca. 1815)
Feeder and Rounders, 1841 on 2016/03/06
from The Every Boy's Book by J. L. Williams. London: Henry Allman (1841).
1854 Unified Kinickerbocker-Eagle-Gotham Rules on 2016/03/06
Adopted April 1, 1854 

Articles by Bill Humber

Beachville Deconstruction (The New York Game Comes to Canada) on 2015/05/01
version 1.0 

Articles by Bill Lyons

Research Bibliography for Early Base Ball on 2019/12/01

Articles by Bob Tholkes

Bob Tholkes Condenses Key 19CBB Postings in December 2012 on 2013/01/03
Postings to 19CBB, Jan. - Feb. 2013 on 2013/02/21
19CBB Digest, March 2013 on 2013/04/02
19CBB Digest, April-May 2013 on 2013/06/01
19CBB Highlights, August September 2013 on 2013/10/03
Spirit Letters From X, 1857-8 on 2014/02/01
A series of 14 letters to the Spirit of the Times, from "X," October 1857- January 1858
Length of Games, 1860-1865 1.0 on 2019/10/01
How Long Did Games Take 160 Years Ago? 

Articles by Bruce Allardice

The Spread of Base Ball, 1859 - 1870 on 2013/09/26
Some New Data on the Spread of Base Ball in the United States (Version 1.0, 9/26/2013)
Internet Search Tips on 2013/10/03
Bruce Allardice Find Stories, October 2013 on 2013/10/03
The Spread of Early Base Ball in Illinois to 1870 on 2014/08/09
Tracking and Explaining the Spread of Modern Base Ball in Illinois, 1858-1870
Cricket and the Rise of Baseball on 2015/06/01
Version 1.0
Ballplaying by Civil War Soldiers 1.0 on 2018/09/01
Nearly 400 Finds Let Us Understand the Frequency and Nature of Military Ballplaying During the War
Base Ball on the Field, 1858-1865 on 2020/03/27
Tracking Run-scoring and Some Other On-Field Data Before 1866 [Published in Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2020, pages 85ff]
Number of Known BB Clubs in 40 Largest US Cities, 1870 3.0 on 2020/09/08
Which Cities Had the Most Early Ballclubs Per Capita? 

Articles by Corky Gaskell

Baseball Making Notes on 2018/03/01

Articles by Debbie Shattuck

Don't Forget the Girls on 2013/06/01
For Fun and Health -- That's Why She Played on 2013/10/03

Articles by Donna Halper

The Early Sporting Press in New England 1.0 on 2020/04/02

Articles by George Thompson

The Story of George Thompson’s 1823 Find -- "Base Ball" in NYC! on 2013/01/03
The Story of George Thompson’s 1823 Find --- Base Ball in New York City on 2013/01/08
"One evening in the spring of 2001 . . . " 

Articles by Howard Burman

Irish Rounders (Burman's Report) on 2013/03/01

Articles by Jeffrey Kittel

What Was Town Ball, Anyway? on 2012/10/02
A Source-Based Description of Town Ball Play
What Was Rounders, Anyway? on 2012/11/07
A Source-Based Description of Rounders Play
What Was The Massachusetts Game, Anyway? on 2012/12/19
A Sourced-Based Description of Massachusetts Game Play
1845 Knickerbocker Rules on 2013/04/05
Evolution or Revolution? A Rule-By-Rule Analysis of the 1845 Knickerbocker Rules
1857 Rules on 2013/07/30
A Rule-by-Rule History Analysis of the Rules Adopted by the 1857 Convention of Base Ball Clubs
Base Ball Fever on 2014/09/01
What was the nation’s “Base Ball Fever” (1865-1870) experience like in your area? 

Articles by John and Kay Price

Stoolball Today -- The Rejuvenation of an Ancient Pastime on 2013/11/15

Articles by Larry McCray

Ballplaying in Civil War Camps on 2009/07/01
An Overview of an Enriched Data Base: NOTE -- This article was updated and re-cast by Bruce Allardice in 2018
What Was Town Ball, Anyway? on 2012/10/02
A Source-Based Description of Town Ball Play
Early Championships on 2012/10/12
What Was Rounders, Anyway? on 2012/11/07
A Source-Based Description of Rounders Play
The Next Destin'd Post, January 2013 on 2013/01/08
Next Destin'd Post, April 2013 on 2013/04/01
The Next Destin'd Post, June 2013 on 2013/06/01
Next Destin'd Post, August 2013 on 2013/08/01
Protoball Search Aid on 2014/03/13
Version 1.1
Accounts on 2014/09/01
How did game accounts evolve locally? What were local box-score summaries like?? Was quantification and/or statistics important in the local popularity of the game?
Club Makeup on 2014/09/01
Did club rosters reflect ethnic or social divisions, gradations in athletic talent, players’ ages, or what? Did minority groups form their own clubs?
Playing to Win on 2014/09/01
Playing to win vs. playing just for fellowship or exercise
Competing Pastimes on 2014/09/01
What other pastimes, if any, rivaled early base ball . . . and is it clear why base ball seemed to win out over them?
The Beneficiaries on 2014/09/01
Is it clear who profited from the growth of the game in your area? Did that affect the game on the field? How?
The Big Tours on 2014/09/01
Were the broad regional tours by famous clubs an important part of base ball’s local appeal?
Gambling's Role on 2014/09/01
Was local gambling an essential factor in the diffusion of the game?
Media Effects on 2014/09/01
The galvanizing role of local and of distant news coverage, if any
Predecessor Pastimes on 2014/09/01
What prior ballgames, if any, were played in the area . . . by adults, youths, juveniles, females before the NY game reached the area? Were local on-field/off-field variations maintained in some areas?
Patterns of Spread on 2014/09/01
How do we explain the observed patterns of local propagation of base ball . . . population shifts, transportation technologies, news media effects, etc.
Uniforms on 2014/09/19
Early uniforms and their significance (1st round completed August 2014)
The Massachusetts Game on 2019/12/01
Wicket Ball on 2019/12/01
Emperics on 2019/12/01
NER Project Overview on 2019/12/11
Search Terms on 2019/12/12
Old old games on 2019/12/15

Articles by Mark Brunke

The Spread of Base Ball in the Pacific Northwest on 2013/01/01
Ten-Position Base Ball on 2018/02/05

Articles by Marty Payne

The Grounds on 2014/09/01
What made for a suitable local playing site . . . . location, surface topography, or what? 

Articles by Protoball Functionary

Interview with John Thorn, Official Historian of Major League Baseball on 2013/01/01
An Interview with David Block on 2013/02/21
"The book came about almost by accident."
Interview with Peter Morris on 2013/04/02
Interview with Bill Ryczek on 2013/06/01
Sam Marchiano and the 1755 Bray Diary Find on 2013/06/01
Interview with 2013 SABR-Origins Chair Bill Johnson on 2013/08/01
Richard Hershberger Interview, October 2013 on 2013/10/03

Articles by Randall Brown

Randall Brown's Find of the Wheaton Account -- Before the Knickerbockers on 2013/04/02

Articles by Richard Hershberger

Sliding on 2013/10/01
Evidence on Sliding in Early Base Ball Accounts (4 pages)
Judgment! on 2014/07/23
At first, most umpiring calls were only made on appeal, and then things changed (7 pages)
Called Pitches on 2014/07/23
When Did Umpires Start Calling Balls and Strikes? (8 pages)
Pitchers Covering First on 2014/07/23
When did pitchers start covering first base on grounders to the right side? (2 pages)
The Backstop on 2014/07/23
Were Foul-Ground Barriers Always Part of Base Ball? (3 pages)
The Play-Testing of Early Base Ball Rule Modifications, version 1.0 on 2016/01/02
Early Evidence on Base Stealing on 2016/02/23
Very Early (pre-1857) Rules on Base Advancement After Caught Fly Balls on 2018/06/19
Did Runners Have to Tag Up? 

Articles by Rob Loeffler

The Evolution of the Baseball Up To 1872 on 2007/03/01
A Chronology of Ballmaking up to 1872 – and a list of 32 Ballmakers, 1858 to 1890 

Articles by Tom Altherr

"A Good Many Different Kinds of Ball" on 2013/01/01
In 1867 story, a father recollects boyhood ballplaying
A New Find on Early Wicket and Old Fashioned Base Ball on 2013/01/03
A Place Leavel Enough to Play Ball on 2013/02/01
Tom Altherr Contemplates His Favorite Finds on 2013/02/21
"I did exclaim several choice phrases"
New Englander Confronts Impious Sunday Ball-playing in Virginia on 2013/03/01
"Great numbers of people of all ages, ranks, and colors"
New England Woman Observes Ball Play in Norfolk, Virginia in 1802 on 2013/04/02

Articles by Tom Gilbert

Sons of Liberty on 2019/06/19
The Meaning of Early Base Ball Club Names [Published in Base Ball, Volume 11 (2019), pages 29ff]