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by Bob Tholkes, October 2013

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Base ball vs. cricket-- Richard Hershberger posted an item, probably by Chadwick, describing the advantages playing base ball had for success at playing cricket, and added his comments.

Explain this: cricket in a court? Richard Hershberger posted an 1860 reference to cricket being played in a court, and requested an explanation. John Thorn suggested that it referred to single wicket. Hugh MacDougall posted a 1755 English reference referring to baseball as a juvenile version of tennis. Richard's own guess was that the term "court" was being used in an atypical fashion.

The Clipper not at the Atlantic-Excelsior match. Richard Hershberger noted indignantly that the alleged base ball bible, the New York Clipper, didn't even have a reporter at the famous 3rd Atlantic-Excelsior match in 1860.

Base Ball--assumed to be of English origins in 1858. Deb Shattuck posted an 1858 note from an African-American paper quoting a New York correspondent to a London publication opining that Americans were becoming more Anglicized because, among other things, of the recent craze for English games like base ball.

Image of the Unions of Morrisania Ball Field. John Thorn posted a discovery, an 1868 woodcut of the Union of Morrisania's field at Arthur and Tremont Streets, of which there was no previously known image.

Women's lacrosse- 1851. Bob Tholkes posted an item in a St. Paul newspaper describing ball-play among a group of Sioux women.

The Atlantics move to the Union grounds for a better share of the gate. Richard Hershberger posted a "business of base ball" item from 1867, using a newly-accessed source, the New York Sunday News.

Baseball and Wine? Brian Sheehy inquired for any known connections between early base ball and wine. John Thorn and Richard Hershberger sent information about the champagne tastes of 1860s clubs.