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by Bob Tholkes, June 2013

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[] Another base ball court. Bob Tholkes posted an 1860 note about a base ball practice facility operator in Paterson, N.J.; the only previous notes about such places are in Manhattan.

[] Advice to players accepting compensation- 1858. Bob Tholkes posted the discovery of a New York Sunday Mercury note indicating that compensation to players in the form of waived membership dues existed by 1857. John Thorn and Richard Hershberger added comments and information.

[] Dispute over what rules to use in Boston- Richard Hershberger posted a series of 1857 Boston newspaper notes in which two clubs argue over rules to be used in an upcoming match.

[] They made them tough in those days- Richard Hershberger posted an 1858 note about a player who kept playing after injuring his finger-- which later required amputation.

[] Schoolboy essay "Ball Playing" 1856-. Richard Hershberger posted a find, inviting discussion of the discussion of the description of ball play.

    -- Bob Tholkes