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First Name John and Kay
Last Name Price
Location Horsham, England
Active Yes

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Stoolball Today -- The Rejuvenation of an Ancient Pastime by John and Kay Price

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Had you assumed that stoolball is now only to be found in very old English love poems?  Wrong.  John and Kay and their colleagues are actively looking after Stoolball England even as you read this.  In 2008, Sport England, the funding body for British sport, officially “recognised” stoolball as a national game, but (unlike rounders) it is not as yet supported with public funds.  In August, the Angmering club, from the south coast of England, won the Sussex League Championship, scoring 293 runs to outmatch the 106 runs managed by Horsted Keynes from central Sussex.

Contemporary interest in stoolball has been expressed in Roujan in southern France, where a club from Kent has been hosted during the last two Easter holidays; in Augusta, Maine, where re-enactment games have been played; in India, where ten states have joined the Indian Stoolball Federation; in Pakistan, where another Stoolball Federation has formed; in Japan, where stoolball broadcasts may be relayed on TV in the coming year; and in Thailand, where schools have shown interest.  John and Kay are also working with Beth Hise on including stoolball in the 2010 exhibition on early ballplay at Lord’s.

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