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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Wisconsin 27 Games and 131 Clubs

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27 Games and 131 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Base Ball Club of Chilton 1858-04 Chilton WI WI
Ballgame 1858-06-19 Grand Rapids WI WI
Ballgame Beloit v Illinoisans 1859 Beloit WI Beloit, WI
Ballgame Bachelors v Married Men 1859 Baraboo WI Baraboo, WI
Club Waukesha Club of Waukesha 1859-06-21 Waukesha WI Waukesha, WI
Ballgame Hathaway's Side v King's Side 40 - 35 1859-11-30 Milwaukee WI Milwaukee, WI
Club Club of Janesville 1860 Janesville WI Janesville, WI
Ballgame Scholars of Madison v Scholars of Madison 1860-04 Madison WI Madison, WI
Club Club of Milwaukee 1860-04-02 Milwaukee WI Milwaukee, WI
Ballgame 1861 Eau Claire WI Eau Claire, WI
Club Capital City Club of Madison 1865 Madison WI Madison, WI
Club Everetts Club of Oshkosh 1865 Oshkosh WI Oshkosh, WI
Club Stars Club of Green Bay 1866 Green Bay WI Green Bay, WI
Club Club of Elkhorn 1866 Elkhorn WI Elkhorn, WI
Club Racine Club 1866-09 Racine WI Racine, WI
Ballgame Racine Club v Racine Club 1866-10-02 Racine WI Racine, WI
Ballgame Bower City Club II of Janesville v Olympians (Beloit College) 8 - 61 1866-10-13 Janesville WI Janesville, WI
Club Club of Baraboo 1867-01-01 Baraboo WI Baraboo, WI
Club Congress Base-Ball Club of Appleton 1867 Appleton WI Appleton, WI
Club Clipper Base Ball Club of Johnstown 1867 Johnstown WI Johnstown, WI
Club Club of Milton 1867 Milton WI Milton, WI
Club Eagle Club of Dodgeville 1867-08-29 Dodgeville WI Dodgeville, WI
Club Athletic Club of Kenosha 1868 Kenosha WI Kenosha, WI
Club First National Bank Club of Sturgeon Bay 1868-04 Sturgeon Bay WI Sturgeon Bay, WI
Club Lone Star Club of Eau Claire 1868-08 Eau Claire WI Eau Claire, WI
Ballgame Peninsula Club of Sturgeon Bay v Empire Club of Little Sturgeon 92 - 63 1869-07-03 Sturgeon Bay WI Sturgeon Bay, WI
Club Club of Lake Geneva 1875 Lake Geneva WI Lake Geneva, WI

Related Bibliography

Title Author Date State City Online Link Origins Study Group
Baseball in Eau Claire (Pictoral History) Christopherson, Jason 2003 WI Eau Claire
The Rise of Milwaukee Baseball . . . 1859-1901 Pajot, Dennis 2009 WI Milwaukee