Putnam Club of Brooklyn v Union Club of Morrisania on 15 September 1860

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Date of Game Saturday, September 15, 1860
Location Morrisania, The Bronx, NY, United States
Field Union of Morrisania grounds
Home Team Putnam Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Union Club of Morrisania
Score 12 - 6

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(NYT: “a protracted game of more than three hours’ duration …. It has been the good fortune of the Union Club to be a participant in some of the best games on record, and though of late quite unsuccessful, yet they always require a strong team to overcome them.”)

(NYC: “The interest of the game was destroyed by the delays that occurred in consequence of several of the strikers on the Putnam side, and on two on the part of the Unions, waiting an unusual time at the bat for a particular kind of ball. The Putnams commenced it, and the Unions followed suit, and this led to unpleasant feelings. There is nothing that is calculated to impart interest to a game so much as promptitude in striking at the first ball within reach, and the most ungenerous and unmanly style of play is that plan of waiting at the bat until players on the bases make their runs; it is contemptible in the extreme. A good batsman is never guilty of it; it is only poor batsmen that wait for particular balls; …”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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