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Page Date Game City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score Contributor
Game 1621 Stoolball Plymouth MA
Game 1725 Wicket Boston MA
Game 1750 Base MA
Game 1760 Games of bat and ball Cambridge MA
Game 1762 Bat-and-Ball Salem MA
Game 1775 "Bowl" (ball) Dorchester MA
Game 1778 Ball MA
Game 1780 Ball MA
Game 1780 Round Ball MA
Game 1780 Predecessor Game MA
Game 1781 Predecessor Game Cambridge MA
Game 1781 Game at Ball Cambridge MA
Game 1790 Ball Boston MA
Game 1791 Wicket,baseball,batball Pittsfield MA
Game 1796 Predecessor Game Williamstown MA
Game 1797 Predecessor Game Newburyport MA
Game 1800 Game with wickets Sheffield MA
Game 1800 Round ball,o'Cat MA
Game 1809 Cricket Boston MA Bruce Allardice
Game 1810 Play at ball Cambridge MA
Game 1813 Playing ball Newburyport MA
Game 1815 Play ball MA
Game 1816 Ball Playing Worcester MA
Game 1820 Base ball, o'cat (retro) Williamstown MA
Game 1820 Round Ball Upton MA
Game 1822 Round Ball Worcester MA
Game 1823 Baseball (retro) Northampton MA
Game 1823 Playing ball or goal Newtonville MA
Game 1824 Base-ball (retro) MA
Game 1825 Wicket Deerfield MA
Game 1829 Base Cambridge MA
Game 1829 Play ball Cambridge MA
Game 1829 Round Ball, 4 O'Cat MA
Game 1830 Play ball, baseball (retro) Cambridge MA
Game 1830 Run-Around MA
Game 1833 Play ball Mattapoisett MA
Game 1835 Wicket, OFBB (retro) East Granville MA
Game 1836 Base, o'cat Concord MA
Game 1840 Wicket Granville MA
Game 1840 Game of ball Bellingham MA
Game 1840 Round Ball MA
Game 1842 Base Cambridge MA
Game 1844 Play ball Greenfield MA
Game 1844 Play ball Westfield MA
Game 1846 Wicket Amherst MA
Game 1846 Cricket Cambridge MA Bruce Allardice
Game 1846 Base-ball Worcester MA
Game 1848 Wicket Westfield MA
Game 1848 Round or base ball Barre MA
Game 1849 Base ball Worcester MA

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