In Boston in 1725

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Date of Game 1725
Game Wicket
Location Boston, MA, United States
Has Source On Hand No

"March, 15. Sam. Hirst [Sewall's grandson, reportedly, and a Harvard '23 man] LMc] got up betime in the morning, and took Ben Swett with him and went into the (Boston) Common to play at Wicket. Went before any body was up, left the door open; Sam came not to prayer; at which I was most displeased.


"March 17th. Did the like again, but took not Ben with him. I told him he could not lodge here practicing thus. So he lodged elsewhere. He grievously offended me in persuading his Sister Hannam not to have Mr. Turall, without enquiring of me about it. And play'd fast and loose in a vexing matter about himself in a matter relating to himself, procuring me great Vexation."


Diary of Samuel Sewall, in Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society (Published by the Society, Boston, 1882) Volume VII – Fifth Series, page 372.


Note: Further comment on this entry is welcome, especially from wicket devotees; after all, this may be the initial wicket citation in existence (assuming that $1700c.2 is cannot be documented and that #1704.1 above is not ever confirmed as wicket).

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