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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Nebraska 10 Games and 52 Clubs

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10 Games and 52 Clubs

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Games, Clubs, Predecessor Games, Fields


Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Coyottes Club of Otoe University 1859 Nebraska City NE NE
Club Club of Omaha 1866 Omaha NE Omaha, NE
Club Club of Fort Calhoun 1866 Fort Calhoun NE Fort Calhoun, NE
Club Brownville Base Ball Club of Brownville 1867-05 Brownville NE Brownville, NE
Ballgame Club of Omaha v Club of Fort Calhoun 110 - 50 1867-05-09 Omaha NE NE
Ballgame Brownville Base Ball Club of Brownville v Brownville Base Ball Club of Brownville 1867-05-31 Brownville NE Brownville, NE
Club Elkhorn Valley Club of West Point 1869 West Point NE West Point, NE
Club Platte Valley Club of Fremont 1869 Fremont NE Fremont, NE
Club Banner Club of St. Deroin 1869 St. Deroin NE St. Deroin, NE
Club Olympic Club of Lincoln 1869-04-16 Lincoln NE Lincoln, NE
Club Occidentals Club of Falls City 1869-08 Falls City NE Falls City, NE
Club Club of Furnas County 1869-10-01 Furnas County NE Furnas County, NE
Club Ogallala Club of North Platte 1870 North Platte NE North Platte, NE
Club Coppertoes Club of Peru 1870 Peru NE Peru, NE
Ballgame In Lincoln in May 1870 1870-05 Lincoln NE Lincoln, NE
Club Club of Weeping Water 1870-06-28 Weeping Water NE Weeping Water, NE
Club Active Club of Beatrice 1870 Beatrice NE Beatrice, NE
Club Platte Valley Club of Grand Island 1870-07 Grand Island NE Grand Island, NE
Club Club of Dakota City 1870-07-16 Dakota City NE Dakota City, NE
Club Blue Belt Club of Milford 1871-03 Milford NE Milford, NE
Club Club of Plattsmouth 1871 Plattsmouth NE Plattsmouth, NE
Club Club of Seward, NE 1871 Seward NE Seward, NE
Ballgame In Crete on 4 July 1871 1871-07-04 Crete NE Crete, NE
Club Club of Humboldt, NE 1872-02 Humboldt NE Humboldt, NE
Club Dolly Varden Club of Sutton 1872 Sutton NE Sutton, NE
Club Club of Grafton, NE 1872 Grafton NE Grafton, NE
Club Club of Schuyler 1874 Schuyler NE Schuyler, NE
Ballgame In Red Cloud in March 1874 1874-03 Red Cloud NE Red Cloud, NE
Club Club of Ponca 1874-06-25 Ponca NE Ponca, NE
Ballgame Club of Ponca v Club of Dakota City 1874-06-25 Ponca NE Ponca, NE
Club Peculiar Club of Ashland 1874 Ashland NE Ashland, NE
Club Club of Columbus, NE 1874 Columbus NE Columbus, NE
Club Club of Lone Tree 1874 Lone Tree NE Lone Tree, NE
Ballgame Picked ballplayers from Sidney v Ball club of Co. G, 3rd US Cavalry 1875-08-22 Sidney NE Sidney, NE
Club Club of Glen Rock 1875 Glen Rock NE Glen Rock, NE
Ballgame In Kearney in 1875 1875 Kearney NE Kearney, NE
Ballgame In Hastings in 1875 1875 Hastings NE Hastings, NE
Club Club of Red Cloud 1875 Red Cloud NE Red Cloud, NE
Club Club of Wahoo 1876 Wahoo NE Wahoo, NE
Club Hastings Base Ball Association 1878 Hastings NE Hastings, NE
Club Bat Smashers Club of Madison 1879 Madison NE Madison, NE
Club Andrus Club of Fort Robinson 1880 Fort Robinson NE Fort Robinson, NE
Club Club of McCook 1886 McCook NE McCook, NE

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