In Denver on 26 April 1862

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Date of Game Saturday, April 26, 1862
Location Denver, CO, United States
Field Broadway Grounds
NY Rules Likely

"The first baseball games in Colorado Territory occurred in March 1862, when the Base Ball (two words back then) Club was formed. The first recorded contest happened on April 26, 1862."[1]

Richard Hershberger, in an email of 1/19/2009, writes that on April 29 the (Denver, Colorado) Daily Evening News reported on intramural game played by the Denver Base Ball Club, a likely reference to the games cited by Werner. He also notes that a March 12 issue of the Evening News referred to a "game played yesterday [that] went off well, considering that there were but two or three persons engaged who had ever played the game before, according to the New York rules, and it will take but a few more meetings to enable them to become proficient."


  • Protoball Entry #1862.8 – Base Ball in Colorado Territory
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Found by Larry McCray
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