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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > Colorado 3 Games and 37 Clubs

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3 Games and 37 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1862-03-15 Denver CO CO
Club Denver Base Ball Club 1862-03-29 Denver CO CO First Club in Colorado Territory
Club Valmont BBC 1866 Valmont CO Valmont, CO
Club Central City BBC 1867 Central City CO Central City, CO
Club Base Ball Club of Black Hawk 1867 Black Hawk CO Black Hawk, CO
Club Club of Julesburg 1867 Julesburg CO Julesburg, CO
Club O Be Joyful Club of Boulder 1869 Boulder CO Boulder, CO
Club Club of Greeley 1871 Greeley CO Greeley, CO
Club Club of Longmont 1872 Longmont CO Longmont, CO
Club IXL? Club of Colorado Springs 1873 Colorado Springs CO Colorado Springs, CO
Club Golden BBC 1873 Golden CO Golden, CO
Club Valleys Club of Pueblo 1874 Pueblo CO Pueblo, CO
Club Standard Base Ball Club of Fort Collins 1874 Fort Collins CO Fort Collins, CO
Club Olympic Club of Trinidad 1874 Trinidad CO Trinidad, CO
Club Inter-Ocean Club of Canon City 1876 Canon City CO Canon City, CO
Club Club of Durango2 1881-09 Durango CO Durango, CO
Club Blues Club of Leadville 1882 Leadville CO Leadville, CO
Club Nighthawks Club of Salida 1882 Salida CO Salida, CO
Club Club of Silver Cliff 1882 Silver Cliff CO Silver Cliff, CO
Club Club of Rosita 1882 Rosita CO Rosita, CO
Club Club of La Junta 1884 La Junta CO La Junta, CO
Club Club of Montrose 1889 Montrose CO Montrose, CO
Club Club of Grand Junction 1889 Grand Junction CO Grand Junction, CO
Club Base Ball Club of Silverton 1890 Silverton CO Silverton, CO

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