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Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1857 Cleveland OH
Ballgame 1858-03-30 Cleveland OH Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1858-07-23 Cincinnati OH Base Ball Club of Cincinnati Base Ball Club of Cincinnati OH Greg Perkins
Ballgame 1860 Oberlin OH Railroad Club of Oberlin Uptown Club of Oberlin
Ballgame 1860 Columbus OH Columbus, OH Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1860-06-20 Gambier OH K BBC K Grammar
Ballgame 1860-07-16 Oberlin OH Railroad Club of Oberlin Uptown Club of Oberlin 49 - 45 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1864-08-27 Johnson Island OH Johnson Island, OH
Ballgame 1865-10-20 Cleveland OH Forest City Base Ball Club of Cleveland Penfield Club of Oberlin College 28 - 67 Cleveland, OH
Ballgame 1866 Newburgh OH Newburgh, OH Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866-04-06 Columbus OH Buckeye Base Ball Club of Columbus Buckeye Base Ball Club of Columbus Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866-07-06 Dayton OH Buckeye BBC Club of Dayton Sterling Club of Piqua Dayton, OH Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866-08 Warren OH Mahoning Club of Warren Peerless Club of Sharon, PA 20 - 19 Warren, OH Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1866-09-08 Cincinnati OH Live Oak Club of Cincinnati Eagle Club of Brooklyn, KY 52 - 12
Ballgame 1867 Newark OH Independent Club of Newark, OH O. K. Club of Zanesville 15 - 21 Newark, OH Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1868-10-21 Marietta OH Marietta, OH Bruce Allardice