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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Pioneer BBC Club of Boise 1868-03-24 Boise ID ID
Ballgame In Idaho City on 1 May 1868 1868-05-01 Idaho City ID ID
Ballgame Capitol Club of Boise v Capitol Club of Boise 1869-07-10 Boise ID Boise, ID
Club Club of Flint 1869 Flint ID Flint, ID
Club Club of Fort Boise 1869 Fort Boise ID Fort Boise, ID
Club Club of Lewiston 1873 Lewiston ID Lewiston, ID
Club First Idaho BBC Club of Lapwai 1873 Lapwai ID Lapwai, ID
Club Grumblers Club of Mt. Idaho 1878 Mt. Idaho ID Mt. Idaho, ID
Club Club of Samaria 1879 Samaria ID Samaria, ID
Club Malad Club of Malad 1879 Malad ID Malad, ID
Club Club of Idaho City 1880-06 Idaho City ID Idaho City, ID
Club Boys In Blue Club of Cour D'Alene 1881-07-19 Cour D'Alene ID Cour D'Alene, ID
Club Base Ball Club of Hailey 1882-09 Hailey ID Hailey, ID
Club Gate City Base Ball Club of Bellevue 1882 Bellevue ID Bellevue, ID
Club Club of Eagle Rock 1883 Eagle Rock ID Eagle Rock, ID
Club No Stockings and Leather Breeches Club of Montpelier 1884 Montpelier ID Montpelier, ID
Club Sky Scrapers Club of St. Charles 1884 St. Charles ID St. Charles, ID
Club Club of Moscow, Idaho 1885 Moscow ID Moscow, ID
Club Club of Pocatello 1885-06-07 Pocatello ID Pocatello, ID
Ballgame Club of Pocatello v Shoshone Base Ball Club of Shoshone 25 - 13 1885-06-07 Pocatello ID Pocatello, ID
Club Shoshone Base Ball Club of Shoshone 1885 Shoshone ID Shoshone, ID
Club Blackfoot Base Ball Club of Blackfoot 1885 Blackfoot ID Blackfoot, ID
Club Club of Weiser 1890 Weiser ID Weiser, ID
Club Club of Caldwell 1890 Caldwell ID Caldwell, ID
Club Toughs and Terrors Club of Junction 1890 Junction ID Junction, ID
Club Kickers Club of Nicholia 1890 Nicholia ID Nicholia, ID
Club Club of DeLamar 1891 DeLamar ID DeLamar, ID
Club Club of Salmon 1892 Salmon ID Salmon, ID
Club Club of Wallace City 1894 Wallace ID Wallace, ID
Club Club of Twin Falls 1905 Twin Falls ID Twin Falls, ID