Excelsior Club of Brooklyn v Putnam Club of Brooklyn on 4 August 1860

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Date of Game Saturday, August 4, 1860
Location Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Putnam grounds
Home Team Excelsior Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Putnam Club of Brooklyn
Score 23 - 7

(NYT (1): “The second great Base Ball match of the season takes place at the Putnam ground on Saturday, between these highly respectable and celebrated clubs. It will be a ‘fly game,’ “)

(BDE (3): [long description of Excelsior style of play and Creighton’s pitching])

(NYT (4): “Much of this running out men on the bases, was done from catches on the bound; thus showing more extraordinary sharp fielding than if the man had been out at once on the bound catch alone. The Putnams were rather unfortunate; but it was the opinion of many ball players that they are fully equal to an even contest with the Atlantics. … About 5,000 persons were on the ground and many ladies, some in carriages.”)

(NYC: “These clubs played a fly game together …, which resulted in another victory for the Excelsior’s whose fine play on the occasion elicited the highest commendation from all parties. Many attributed the success of this club, in their contest with the Atlantics, as much to good luck as to play, but the result of this last match disproves this entirely, for the Putnams played splendidly themselves, and yet they were beaten, and that’s not more by the fine pitching of Creighton than by the ability of the fieldsmen, for better fielding we have never seen. … The game was witnessed by an assemblage of over 5000 people, and the proceedings throughout were marked by the most gentlemanly conduct on both sides; in fact, it was a model game in many respects.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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