Eckford Club of Brooklyn v Putnam Club of Brooklyn on 6 June 1860

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Date of Game Wednesday, June 6, 1860
Location Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field Putnam grounds
Home Team Eckford Club of Brooklyn
Away Team Putnam Club of Brooklyn
Score 32 - 14

(Porter’s Spirit of the Times (2): “If the Eckfords keep the nine that played on Wednesday, there is a bright prospect for them before the season closes. …/ This, although, a second nine match, drew a very large crowd to witness it, and it was well worthy of notice, as it was played with spirit throughout. There was one thing we were sorry to notice on the part of the Putnams, and that was a want of the friendly feeling which exists between the opposing clubs. It is customary, when the game is finished, for the Club on whose grounds it has been played, to cheer the other, but in this instance no such thing was done. Just as soon as the ninth innings was finished, the Puts picked up their bats and left, without saying a word. Was it on account of their very bad defeat?”)


(1) “Out Door Sports: Base Ball: Matches to Come Off,” Porter’s Spirit of the Times, vol. 8, no. 15 (9 Jun 1860), p. 228, col. 1

(2) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Putnam, vs. Eckford,” Porter’s Spirit of the Times, vol. 8, no. 16 (16 Jun 1860), p. 244, col. 3

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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url Tab:Greater New York City#date1860-6-6


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