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English Baseball

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"Base-ball" was mentioned in a newspaper column entitled "Christian Endeavor Echoes," which cited one writer's opinion that churches should offer amusements and recreational opportunities for members who might otherwise be tempted to seek them in less wholesome locales: "...he has expressed the hope to see the day when every church will have, as a matter of course, not only its library and social parlour always open to all its members, but also a generous playground, with provision for base-ball, croquet, and lawn-tennis, and games for the younger children."


Western Times (Exeter), Mar. 16, 1909, p.6

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A date this late would tend to cast doubt on this being a reference to English baseball. Still, the context of the passage, and the fact that there is little evidence that American baseball was played in the west of England at the time this was written, suggest the possibility that the writer had English baseball in mind. Another possibility is that this referred to Welsh-style baseball as an exhibition match of that form of the game had been played at Teignmouth, Devonshire in 1907.

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