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English Baseball

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A complaint about “base-ball” was leveled by a councilman in the town of Buckingham, Bucks, as part of his motion to stop the play of various games on Church Hill in the nearby village of Akeley. According to a newspaper report, he proposed that “no football, hockey, cricket, or dangerous games be allowed on the Church Hill.” He argued that these game endangered mothers walking with young children, and the elderly. Regarding the players, “he was not now speaking of the little lads, but of older boys, 14 or 15 years of age, and he was sorry to say that their language was at times very bad. The other day they were playing base-ball at the east entrance to the Hill, and the ball hit the grand east window, and if it had not been for the wire-netting with which it was protected the stained glass would have been broken.”


Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press, April 11, 1903, p. 2

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Possibly American baseball, although there is little evidence it had replaced the original English version in Bucks by that date

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