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English Baseball

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“Baseball” was played by ladies alone, or possibly with men as well, at a half day's outing of officers and teachers of Park-street Baptist Sunday School of Luton, Bedordshire. A newspaper report, that was not altogether clear, stated that various games were played, including a remarkable football match, which was responsible for many stiff limbs on Sunday morning for those unaccustomed to such strenuous exercise. The ladies, meanwhile, contented themselves with the less boisterous game of baseball, but when sports in which both sexes could take part came on the fun waxed furious indeed, and it was whispered that the tremendous atmospheric vibration set up brought great showers of autumn leaves from the stately old trees that looked down on the revels.”


Beds and Herts Pictorial, Aug. 30, 1921, p. 2

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It's not clear to me whether “sports in which both sexes could take part” included baseball, or whether the ladies played it without men. This is late for English baseball but it seems more likely than American style, given the context.

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