Stockton Base Ball Club v Live Oak Club of Stockton on 25 May 1860

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Date of Game Friday, May 25, 1860
Location Stockton, CA, United States
Home Team Stockton Base Ball Club
Away Team Live Oak Club of Stockton
Score 21 - 21
NY Rules Unknown

From Protoball Entry #1860.55 – Ballplaying Near Stockton CA

"A base ball match was played yesterday at Carson's Ranch, about [illeg.] miles from Stockton, between Stockton and the Live Oak Clubs. A great deal of interest was manifested in the match, a large number of spectators, both from town and country, being present . . . ." Two games were played, the second resulting in a tie that was then played off.

Second match, Stockton won 6-3.

San Joaquin Republican, May 26, 1860. Accessed via subscription search May 20, 2009. Stockton is about 60 miles east of Oakland CA.

The California Spirit reported that Stockton won the game.


California Spirit of the Times, May 18, 1860. San Joaquin Republican, May 26, 1860 -- submitted by Angus Macfarlane, 5/10/2010.

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Found by Bruce Allardice
Entered by Bruce Allardice
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