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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1858 La Porte CA CA
Club San Francisco Base Ball Club 1858 San Francisco CA CA
Ballgame 17 - 19 1858-11-10 San Francisco CA San Francisco, CA
Club Sacramento Base Ball Club 1859-11-14 Sacramento CA Sacramento, CA
Ballgame Sacramento Base Ball Club v Sacramento Base Ball Club 1859-12-11 Sacramento CA Sacramento, CA
Club Base Ball Club of Los Angeles 1860-03 Los Angeles CA Los Angeles, CA
Ballgame Sacramento Base Ball Club v Stockton Base Ball Club 8 - 1 1860-06 Stockton CA Stockton, CA
Ballgame Club of Princeton v Club of Mariposa 1860-08-18 Princeton CA Princeton, CA
Club Wide Awake Club of Oakland 1866 Oakland CA Oakland, CA
Ballgame Live Oak Club of Oakland v City College Club of San Francisco 1866-03-24 Oakland CA Oakland, CA
Club Excelsior Club of Santa Clara 1866 Santa Clara CA Santa Clara, CA
Ballgame 1867 San Mateo CA San Mateo, CA
Club Mount Shasta Club of Shasta 1867 Shasta CA Shasta, CA
Club Active Club of Petaluma 1869 Petaluma CA Petaluma, CA
Club Pastimes Club of Vallejo 1869 Vallejo CA Vallejo, CA
Ballgame Star Club of San Jose v Ambidexter Club of San Jose 1869-09-11 San Jose CA San Jose, CA
Ballgame St. Vincent's College of Los Angeles v Energetic Club of Los Angeles 1869-10-24 Los Angeles CA Los Angeles, CA
Ballgame 1871-05-06 San Diego CA San Diego, CA
Club Locomotives Club of Redding 1873 Redding CA Redding, CA
Ballgame C. A. Earnest Club of Fort Yuma v Yuma City BBClub 35 - 40 1876-04 Fort Yuma CA Fort Yuma, CA
Club Eagle Club of Placerville 1877 Placerville CA Placerville, CA