Unused properties

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This page lists unused properties that are declared although no other page makes use of them. For a differentiated view, see the entire or wanted properties special pages.

List of properties

  1. Date of Foundation of type Date
  2. Date of Foundation Type of type Text
  3. Date of Game of type Date
  4. Duplicate of type Boolean
  5. EmailAddress of type Text
  6. Essay Date of type Date
  7. Filter of type Text
  8. First Newspaper Mention of type Date
  9. First Newspaper Mention Date Type of type Text
  10. Is No Later Than of type Boolean
  11. Is Predecessor of type Boolean
  12. Results of type Text
  13. Scribd Access Key of type Text
  14. Scribd ID of type Number
  15. Scribd View Mode of type Text
  16. Society Tags of type Text
  17. Source Tags of type Text
  18. Supplemental Text of type Text
  19. Thematic Focus of type Text
  20. Wanted Rating of type Number
  21. Foaf:homepage of type URL
  22. Foaf:knows of type Page
  23. Foaf:name of type Text
  24. Owl:differentFrom of type Page