Henry Eckford Club of New York v Jefferson Club of New York on 2 July 1861

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Date of Game Tuesday, July 2, 1861
Location Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Field  Add Field Page Henry Eckford grounds
Home Team Henry Eckford Club of New York
Away Team Jefferson Club of New York
Score 26 - 10

(Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times (2): “The Jefferson Club was formed in 1858, under the presidency of Ex-Alderman George Starr, and is comprised principally of young men hailing from the Ninth Ward.”)

(New York Clipper: “The day was quite an unpleasant one, owing to the prevalence of a cold north west wind, which not only rendered it disagreeable for the spectators, but entirely prevented the batting from being effective.  …  The game was characterized by the most gentlemanly conduct on both sides, not a word of discontent on censure being uttered on either side.”)


(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Matches to Come Off,” Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times, vol.  4, no. 18  (6 Jul 1861), p. 276, col. 3 [date = June]

(2) “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Jefferson vs. Henry Eckford,” Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times, vol.  4, no. 19  (13 Jul 1861), p. 292, col. 2

(3) “Jefferson vs. Henry Eckford,” New York Clipper, vol. [xx], no. xx ([xx] Jul 1861), p. [xx], col. [xx]

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Found by Craig Waff
Entry Origin Games Tab 2
Entry Origin Url http://protoball.org/Games Tab:Greater New York City, 1861 - 1862#date1861-7-2


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