Eureka Club of Newark v Enterprise Club of Brooklyn on 27 August 1860

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Date of Game Monday, August 27, 1860
Location Newark, Essex County, NJ, United States
Home Team Eureka Club of Newark
Away Team Enterprise Club of Brooklyn
Score 20 - 13

(BDE: “The Enterprise nine were not fully represented, and a second and muffin nine man were substituted. The ‘boys,’ as is usual when they go out of town, played a ‘muffin’ game, and we would recommend that they play better, or else never leave leave [sic] Brooklyn to play a game.”)

(NYT: “The Enterprise were weakened by the absence of three of their first nine players, their places being filled by substitutes—one of them, M. Sutton, of the ‘muffin” nine, establishing a good claim to promotion.”)

(NDA: “An interesting match … which was witnessed by a large number of spectators, including many ladies. The playing on both sides was excellent, and stamps both clubs as of a superior character.”)

(NYC: “The Eureka Club have a high rank among the strongest, and this last is no mean addition to their list of trophies, for the Enterprise Club have encountered the leading clubs with a success that has placed them second to but one in their locality and to none in any other.”)


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Found by Craig Waff
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