Enterprise Club of Bedford v Young America Club of Harlem on 5 October 1857

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Date of Game Monday, October 5, 1857
Location Harlem, Manhattan, NY, United States
Home Team Enterprise Club of Bedford
Away Team Young America Club of Harlem
Score 19 - 16
Innings 7

(7 innings)

(NYC: “The Enterprise [‘that plucky young club’] played well, and brought all the skill and lessons their teachers, the Atlantics, had given them, to bear against the superior playing of their adversaries. There was not a large crowd of spectators, but it was a quiet, yet desperate game, for the Enterprise had a reputation as yet this year untarnished by defeat, which they would not lose without a hard struggle. The odds were against them in the first part of the game, but they gained slowly but surely, and at the close made a mighty effort for victory and got it. The Young Americans took their defeat well and they may well be satisfied, for it is no disgrace to be defeated by their match. We cannot mention the playing of any one in particular, for all played as if for life and death. When the return match comes off, ‘may we be there to see,” for there will be better playing on both sides, since they know their men in each club.”)

(PSOT: “The cloudy appearance of the sky rendered it uncertain whether the match would be played, and consequently kept away large numbers of the friends of each club, and many spectators, there not being a single representative of the fair sex on the ground. Perhaps the Harlem boys have more of a hand in clubs than hearts. … It is to be sincerely hoped the next time the Young Americas challenge a club that they will be provided with more than one ball, as the ball was knocked to pieces by the first two blows, and the game had to be delayed half an hour while a ball was being got from the Harlem Club.”)


(1) “Enterprise vs. Young America,” NYC, vol. 5, no. 26 (17 Oct 1857), p. 205, col. [xx]

(2) Critic, “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Enterprise vs. Young America,” PSOT, vol. 3, no. 6 (10 Oct 1857), p. 85, col. 2

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Found by Craig Waff
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