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Location New York, Manhattan, NY, United States
Modern Address Central Park

The park first opened (partially) in 1858. The NY Times, Jan. 13, 1859 reports that the NABBP requested that the Park Commissioners allow park grounds to use as a ball field. Same May 8, 1865 reports that a base ball grounds has been set apart at Central Park, but the Commissioners are not allowing ball games to be played there, although it appears they allow cricket.

The park commission continued to resist baseball playing by organized clubs, even though the original plans for the park included a baseball field.

A photo dated 1863 purports to show informal baseball playing in the park. Formal match games seem to be allowed by 1868.


New York Times, Jan. 13, 1859, May 8, 1865, July 29, 1868.

Ryczek, "Baseball's First Inning" 65-66.

JULY 28, 1868, THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 23, 1868 On pg. 3 under "Base Ball" are the two box scores of games played in Central Park, each with a very brief, one sentence summary. The first game was played between the Dexter and Henrietta clubs, and the second between the Dexter and Resolute clubs.
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Found by Gregory Christiano
Entered by Bruce Allardice


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Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1863-06-11 New York Manhattan NY Active Club of New York Rose Hill Club of Fordham 10 - 47 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1863-10-09 New York Manhattan NY Reliance Club of New York Montauk Club of Montauk 10 - 15 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1864-10-31 New York Manhattan NY McClellan Club of Brooklyn Lincoln Club of New York 19 - 7 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-05-26 New York Manhattan NY Reliance Club of New York Oriental Club of New York 6 - 15 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-06-21 New York Manhattan NY Americus Club of New York Reliance Club of New York 24 - 14 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-10-02 New York Manhattan NY Reliance Club of New York Everett Club of New York 46 - 6 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-10-06 New York Manhattan NY Reliance Club of New York Unknown Club of New York 6 - 28 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-10-21 New York Manhattan NY Unknown Club of New York Reliance Club of New York 28 - 5 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-10-25 New York Manhattan NY Free Academy Club of New York New York University Club of New York 35 - 11 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1865-10-27 New York Manhattan NY Reliance Club of New York Franklin Club of New York 38 - 8 Bob Tholkes
Ballgame 1868-07-16 New York Manhattan NY Dexter Club of New York Resolute Club 19 - 21 Bruce Allardice
Ballgame 1871-09 New York Manhattan NY Young Americas Club of Manhattan Golden Stars Club of Manhattan Greg Christiano

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