Ballgame in Troy in June 1860

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Awaiting Review
Date of Game June 1860 Possibly the 3rd
Location Troy, NY, United States
NY Rules Unknown

From Protoball Entry #1860.7:

Local Matters: Base Ball," The Troy Daily Whig, Volume 26, number. 8009 (28 June 1860), page 3, column 4:

"The present season bids fair to out-rival all previous ones in respect to ball-playing–every newspaper which we take up is sure to contain the particulars related to matches played or about to be played. We are glad to see that our young men, particularly those engaged in sedentary persuits [sic], are taking a lively interest in this noble game. In our opinion, nothing can serve better to invigorate both mind and body, than out door exercise. In ball-playing, every muscle is brought into play, and the intellectual capacities, very often are taxed to the utmost. But, in order that the parties may partake of the game with a lively zest, it is necessary that every branch of the game should be played in a friendly spirit. Many are the games which have been played, the beauty of which have been spoiled by the spirit of petty meanness and jealously [sic] creeping into the heart of the players. We were much pained and mortified upon a recent occasion, to see an incident of the kind alluded to, and we are confident that we speak the sentiments of many others, when we declare, that it destroyed what interest we had in the match. But this evil is not alone confined to this vicinity. It is noticeable in New York, Brooklyn, Rochester and other places–and if the remonstrances of the press can have any influence towards checking the evil, we promise to perform our part in the good work." Submitted by Craig Waff, email of 12/7/2008.

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